The M-25 is a fully militarised binocular. Using the M-25, field agents can easily view and transmit real time video of people and events from any mobile platform. And, with its easily interchangeable eyepieces, the M-25 can instantly become a night vision unit, providing field personnel with a rugged, mission critical surveillance device.

  • 14 x Magnification
  • Gyro Stabilised
  • 98% Reduction of Input Motion
  • Unsurpassed Resolution (4.3<Sec)
  • Automatic Solid State Caging Switch
  • Highest Scan rate available
  • Greater Field of View
  • Laser protection Filters - optional
  • Ranging Reticle - optional
  • 100% Buoyant
  • 100% sealed, Submersible and waterproof
  • Night Vision Eyepieces Optional
  • Operates Continuously for 12 hours on 2 "AA" Batteries